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It's More Than Diplomacy... It's Politics!

For over 60 years, Model United Nations has been used to educate generations of students about global issues and to provide them with a broad understanding of international relations. MUNDO develops political simulations as an educational tool that are valuable in the development of advanced research skills, and a deeper understanding of different and dynamic political, social and economic systems influencing states. Today, even high-level policy institutes like the Rand Corporation use simulations and interactive models as tools to develop war-games.

Ever Go to a Conference and Wonder "Why Israel is Co-Sponsoring a Resolution with Iran?"

Current technology advances and the rise of new international players has made past methods of MUN conferences have become obsolete. MUN conferences today tend to focus on consensus building, resolution writing and compromise. While these are important values, consensus building “overkill” has given rise to unrealistic MUN simulations, as delegates are willing to break ranks with their country's real position to cooperate with unlikely allies. Criteria for most conferences emphasize consensus building as a major component in awards policy. In doing so, conferences promote an ideological position, portraying international organizations as unrealistically effective, and diminishing the importance of national interests when faced with opportunities of international cooperation. MUNDO seeks to develop Model UN conferences that reflect the realities of international relations. Our simulations staff works night and day to provide pertinent and accurate political developments that affect multiple committees. All of our simulations are fully integrated across committees, and delegates must work as a team in order to actively promote their state’s national interest. Our awards policy rewards those who are firm and knowledgeable in their national positions, as well as those with political savvy and innovative ideas.

The UN is an important international organization, but regional alliances and organizations, as well as state power, should not be left behind. By encouraging inventive resolution writing, students are only exposed to an incomplete picture of the political barriers diplomats face, and the complex issues that confront countries in the 21st century.

How We’re Different

What Makes MIMUN Unique

Fully Integrated Committees
Students are able to work together across committees as national delegations to support their nation’s policy.

Interactive Crisis Simulations in All Committees
Challenging and ever-developing scenarios and live updates keep delegates thinking on their feet.

Diverse and Talented Staff
The MUNDO staff is drawn from post graduates, young professionals and students from over 50 top universities around the world.

Extensive Use of Media and Technology (Check Out Our Videos)
Highlights include a real-time news ticker, and a student run TV news station.

Prime Location in Mexico City
Our AAA Four Diamond hotel is just minutes from many of the city's top sights – use our MIMUN Concierge to help book your sightseeing!

Only Major Conference to Feature a Full Opening Banquet
No need to worry about dinner Thursday night.

This year, our conference will feature 10 committees, most with 15 delegates or less, and a historical simulation set in 1956. Our unique simulation-driven model gives delegates in all committees the opportunity to make world-shaping decisions in real time, and requires them to think critically beyond the bounds of any one topic to best represent their national interests.


Sit back and relax - all hotel reservations will be handled by MIMUN. We have are working to secure a conference block with a top tier hotel in Santa Fe, and all hotel costs are included in the delegate fees. Once you have registered for the conference, you will submit your hotel rooming list through our online system. For more information, please see Fees and Payment. Questions about hotel reservations may be directed to our Undersecretary-General of Administration, Jesus Cervantes, at usga@mimun.org.

Fees & Payment

MIMUN program fees are offered as a package for both faculty and students, and include hotel accommodations.

Opening Banquet

Faculty Advisors will be given the opportunity to communicate any dietary restrictions while registering their students. The Hilton kitchen is very accommodating to dietary needs as long as prior notice is given. If you have any questions about the opening banquet, including dietary concerns, please feel free to contact the Undersecretary-General of Administration at usga@mimun.org.


At MIMUN, we are proud to depart from the awards formula used by many other conferences. MUNDO programs stress realistic portrayal, political skill and delegate presentation rather than solely resolution writing and passage, and our awards policy is designed to reflect this.

Awards themselves are determined by holistic combination of these five attributes. We feel that these areas include the best that Model UN represents Member States large and small, involved and distant, all have advantages in different areas of these criteria. Our staff is trained to evenly apply this policy across committees.

Size doesn’t matter -since a single school may represent several different countries, these overall awards are presented by national delegation instead of by school in order to better meet the educational goals of the conference.