Crises and Simulations

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Ready to Think on the Run?

At MIMUN, all committees feature a fully-integrated crisis simulation that will force delegates to think on their feet and work across multiple committees. From the General Assemblies to our Historical Cabinets and Regional Bodies, all of our committees are vital participants in the crisis, constituting one of the largest integrated MUN simulations in the world. As a result, delegations are given the opportunity to work as a team in order to best promote their national interest, simulating the work of actual diplomats in a variety of forums. 

Our Department of Simulations is made up of over 40 staff members from around the country, and works for months before the actual conference to craft cutting-edge crises that will challenge delegates of all skill levels. 

Instead of relying only on traditional background guides, our preparation materials include primary source materials, samples from the news media (both Historical and Present Day) and declassified intelligence documents designed to lead delegates to a deeper understanding of the issues that they will be debating instead of simply regurgitating facts. Additionally, our expansive Simulations department provides every delegate with an in-depth briefing the first night of the conference.

Specific questions can be addressed to our Secretary-General, Franco Romero, at

Some of our favorite simulations include:


2005 - War Between Israel and Lebanon
2006 - Oil Pipeline Politics Between Russia and Western Europe
2010 - Korean Peninsula and the Death of Kim Jung Il


1977 - Red Army Faction
1983 - Able Archer Nuclear Missile Readiness Excercises / KAL 007
1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis - Sino Indian War
1967 - Arab Israeli Conflict
1989 - Soviet Crackdown at the Berlin Wall